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Are you interested in dining out for Mediterranean cuisine but haven’t found the perfect restaurant yet? Consider checking out “RESTAURANT TORRES” Not only is it a delightful place, but it also offers mouthwatering specialties that will pleasantly surprise you. If you want to avoid the heat, our cozy air-conditioned rooms provide a comfortable escape. Additionally, our outdoor area features a terrace equipped with heaters, perfect for enjoying the late hours of the night.

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Located in the bustling heart of Barcelona, RESTAURANT TORRES is welcoming that seamlessly combines high-quality ingredients with the essence of traditional cuisine. With a strong emphasis on family-friendly dining, our establishment takes great pride in offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

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Special menus

Gambes A la Planxa


Gambas A La Plancha
Grilled Prawns

Calls Amb Cigrons


Callos Con Garbanzos
Tripe with Chickpeas

Corvina A La Planxa


Corvina A La Plancha
Grilled Croaker

Torrija Amb Gelat de Vainilla


Torrijas amb Gelat de Vainilla
Toast With Ice Cream

Pernil Ibèric


Jamón Ibérico
Iberian Ham

Paella Mixta


Prella mixta
Mixed palla

Arròs Caldós de Llamàntol


Arróz Caldoso de Bogavante
Lobster Soup Rice

Brownie de Xocolata


Brownie de Xocolata
Chocolate Brownie

Muy buena comida servicio un diez muy perfecionlaes. Recomendado👍👍


Our Menus

Our breakfast menu offers pancakes, omelets, sandwiches, avocado toast, yogurt, and coffee/juice. A variety of options to start your day.




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Mediterranean cuisine consists of a delicious and highly varied gastronomy, as well as a more than justified reputation for being healthy. Get to know it and benefit from it.

This kitchen does not belong to an exclusive country as its name indicates. The geographical area to which it belongs covers all the countries that bathe in the Mediterranean Sea. From it arise cuisines as popular as Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Greek, etc.,

The main ingredient that unites this type of cuisine is olive oil, called liquid gold for its great virtues, not only culinary but also for the care of our health. The Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers, as well as irregular rainfall throughout the year, influences the type of dishes in Mediterranean cuisine, tending towards rather light dishes.


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